American Mastiff Breeders Council




Why a Breed Rescue? 

Breed rescue organizations exist to support dogs of that specific breed that find themselves homeless for whatever reason.  Owners, shelters, local authorities all are sources of dogs that are turned over to a rescue organization.  The rescue then evaluates the dog and tries to find an appropriate new home.


Why is there no American Mastiff Rescue Organization? 

an AMBC, LLC member breeder.  AMBC, LLC member breeders  provide that re-homing need for the
puppies they breed.


Each American Mastiff adoptive "parent" (buyer) signs a contract when purchasing their puppy. Within that contract, there is a clause that requires the owner to return the puppy/dog to the breeder should the need arise for any reason.  i.e. change in life circumstances; etc. or whatever reason. In fact, the contract specifically prohibits the new owner to ever place the dog in a rescue facility.   Doing so would be a serious violation of that contact, and the owner could be subject to legal action.


If you hear of an American Mastiff in a rescue that dog is probably not a CKC purebred American Mastiff.  As members of the AM Breed Council, we wish to be notified of any advertised “American Mastiff” in any rescue facility.  The rescue will be contacted immediately to gather the appropriate information needed to verify if it is in fact a CKC  purebred American Mastiff and if it was bred by one of our member breeders.



Actions taken by AMBC, LLC when a potential rescue situation arises. 



  1. AMBC, LLC is alerted.

  2. AMBC, LLC Executive Council will contact the rescue within 24 hours of notification to determine if the dog in that facility is really an American Mastiff bred by an
    AMBC, LLC member breeder.

  3. The rescue facility will be asked to provide the names and address of the person that placed that dog in rescue so the dog can be tracked back to the original buyer.

  4. All AMBC, LLC breeders will then be contacted within 24 hours to check their records for the person that brought the dog to the rescue center or any previous owner.


  1. If AMBC, LLC finds the dog is  an American Mastiff  bred by AMBC member breeder

  • The breeder that sold the puppy will intervene and reclaim the dog.

  • If the breeder in question cannot reclaim the dog immediately, then AMBC, LLC will  reclaim the dog  through the AMBC, LLC breeder closest to the rescue facility;

  • The buyer of the puppy will stand in breech of contract. 

  1. If the rescue facility refuses to give the AMBC, LLC the information it needs to prove
    the dog is  an American Mastiff

·        Then AMBC, LLC assumes  IT IS NOT AN AMERICAN MASTIFF. Merely claiming to have an American Mastiff in a rescue facility is NOT  proof that the dog is an American Mastiff. 

·        AMBC, LLC  seriously doubts any claim of American Mastiffs bred by our Member breeders

      going to  rescue due to the clause in the puppy purchase contract. Why would anyone place a dog in rescue when they could easily and  immediately return the dog to the original breeder OR TURN TO AMBC, LLC FOR HELP?  

Breeders  insist on puppies going only to loving homes where they will be part of the family.  They are easily housetrained using the same training methods used for any puppy. They want to live in the house and be part of the family. They are content and happy when with their family.